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          3x2.5x2.5 Dark Brushed Nickel

          3x2.5x2.5 Dark Brushed Nickel

          Size: 3x2.5x2.5

          Product Details

          Hinge is an indispensable product used in furniture, luggage, equipment, heavy industries, etc. In our life, we can easily see hinges installed in doors, windows, cabinets, and so on. These are what we called “hinge”.

          Pinghu Xuetian Hardware Co., Ltd. is located in Hangzhou Bay, has advanced production equipment and abundant technical strength. In recent years, our products are mainly exported to the Southeast Asia, Russia, and other countries. Depend on superior quality, strict management, and completed service, our products and reputation have achieved great praises and supports from our customers. Choose Xuetian Hardware, choose quality products and satisfying service.