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          Hardware hinge type and installation points

        2. Release date:2016-07-29
        3. Abst:Hardware hinge type and installation points

          Broadly speaking, there are about hinge types:

          Ordinary hinge: hinge side is fixed to the frame, the other side is fixed to the fan, you can rotate open for wooden doors and windows and general wood furniture.

          Light Hinge: Hinge hinge plate than the average thin and narrow, mainly for lighter wooden doors and windows and general wood furniture.

          Side hinge: hinge plate width more than ordinary hinge, thicker. Mainly used for large size and weight of the doors and windows or furniture.

          t type hinge: suitable for a wider doors, such as factories, warehouses and other door.

          h-type hinge: Genus Pulling a hinge, wherein the pine board with a page can be removed. Mainly used often need to disassemble the screen door or doors.

          Screen door spring hinge: make the doors open automatically shut down after only a one-way open. The hinge pin can be withdrawn and replaced in order to adjust the spring, used for the solid web steel screen door.

          Bearing hinge (bronze): Each tablet page axis hinge plate in the way thrust ball bearings are equipped with a door switch light and flexible, used on heavy doors or special steel doors steel skeleton.

          Refrigerator door hinge: baking surface, made of large steel trumpet made of cast iron. For the refrigerator door or heavier insulation doors.

          Ramps detachable hinge: This hinge hinge slope and use the weight of the door leaving the doors automatically close. Mainly applied to the lighter half doors or toilet door.

          Pulling hinge: hinge axis (pin) can be withdrawn. After extraction, fan windows and doors can be removed, easy to scrub. Mainly used often need to disassemble the wooden doors and windows.

          Fan-shaped hinge: hinge fan page two stacked sheets than the average thickness of about half of the hinge is thinner, applicable to all kinds need to turn on the opening and closing of doors and windows.

          Silent Hinge: also known as nylon washers when hinges, door and window switches, hinges silent, mainly used for doors and windows of public buildings.

          Single flag hinge: hinge made of stainless steel, rust-resistant wear and easy removal. Used for the double window.

          Fanchuang hinge: the installation mandrel with two-page plates should be installed on both sides of the window frame, two-page plates centerless shaft should be installed on both sides of the sash. Wherein the axis negative mood board a slotted shall be mounted on the side sash with grooves for sashes handling. Used for factories, warehouses, residential, public buildings and other activities Fanchuang.

          Multifunction hinge: when the opening angle is less than 75 °, with auto-off function, at 75 ° -90 ° angular position, self-stabilizing, greater than 95 ° of the automatic positioning. The hinge can replace safe use ordinary hinge on the door.

          Security hinge: ordinary hinge, when its axis is drawn, the doors can be unloaded, security hinges, pins and through the self-locking effect of the hinge pin holes two-page piece on the door to avoid being discharged, and play a security role for residential doors.

          Biaxial hinge: biaxial hinge left and right are two types of door can be freely opened, closed and demolished. Applicable to the general fan windows and doors.

          Spring hinge: make the door open automatically shut down, only a single one-way spring hinge to open, you can double spring hinge inside and outside the two-way open. Mainly used for doors of public buildings.

          These are the kind of hinge detail, during the installation of the hinge requires attention to the following points:

          First, before the installation, you should check the hinges and door frames, fan match.

          Second, check the hinges and hinge groove height, width and thickness match.

          Third, check its hinge screw connection, fasteners are supporting.

          Fourth, the connection should hinge frame, fan material matches, such as the steel frame doors used hinge, and connected to one side of the steel frame is welded on one side compared with wood screws and wood doors fixed connection.

          Fifth, in the case of two pages hinge plate asymmetrical plate should identify which page should be connected to the fan, which should be connected to a page board door frames, side and three-axis segment should be connected to the fixed frame , two side shaft connected to the frame should be fixed.

          Sixth, the installation, you should ensure that the shaft with a hinge on the same vertical line, so as not to fan windows and doors playing Alice.