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          Modern Hardware

        2. Release date:2016-07-27
        3. Abst:Modern Hardware

          Dazu hardware is Dazu District Dragon Town as the center throughout the region's huge metal machinery manufacturing group, so far more than 1,200 years of history, has formed "East Yongkang, south of Yangjiang, the West has a large enough" hardware three pillars of the situation, It has now completed the industrial park Dazu hardware, hardware industrial Park, built Dazu hardware innovation center, heat treatment center, hardware testing centers, plating cell, e-commerce centers and other public service platform, a complete set. Materials from Chongqing University and Chongqing learn to take material designed for Dazu hardware development has entered the high cost of stainless steel production. Metal materials local matching rate of 75% or more, to cover "household hardware, hardware tools, construction hardware, marine hardware, auto parts" and other 12 categories of products door system, production companies over 1500. Currently, Dazu hardware is completed by the hardware to large hardware changes, achieve file Dazu hardware upgrades, has formed a versatile production equipment and then the material collected from the metal refining process to the primary metal products manufacturing, collaboration from various parts supporting complete industrial chain extended to machine manufacturing, the emergence of Asia's leading Xin anchor, foot Air metal, country TU Trade and industry, all the strip along a large number of machinery manufacturing enterprises, forming 20 billion a modern industrial system hardware.