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          Information Hotline:0573 85844019

          Powerful production strength——sufficient stock, guarantee delivery

          Specializing in manufacturing hardware hinge, annual production reaches 800000 pairs, create furniture hardware leading manufacturer.

          Professional manufacturing experience, powerful technical strength.

          Completed inspection system——Ensure ex factory pass rate.

          Strictly comply with quality management system to control the production process, the products meet national standards.

          Strictly inspect the products to 100% ensure the reliability.

          "Customer first"—— the reason why customers choose Xuetian

          Only make high quality products - reject defective products

          Provide one-stop solution and superior after-sales service

          Pay return visits to customers to provide solutions.


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          Pinghu City XueTian Hardware Products Co., Ltd.

          Pinghu Xuetian Hardware Co., Ltd. is located in a beautiful place - Hangzhou Bay, with advanced production equipments, powerful technical strength, and strong innovative capacity. Ever since foundation, the company adheres to...

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          4. you do customized product?

          Yes, we mainly make customized products according to customer's drawings or samples to develop and manufacture products.

          3. Can you provide what products?

          We mainly produce iron hinge

          2. You are direct manufacturers or a trading company?

          We have our own stamping plant and polishing factory, is specialized in the production of iron hinge manufacturers, can also be self-export.

          1. After the inquiry we sent you, how long to get a reply?

          Working days within 12 hours we will get back to you after receipt of the solicitation.